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SoRare is the first truly global fantasy football platform. Thanks to the NFT Blockchain technology that gives each card a digital finger print that proves ownership and authenticity. We finally have access to a game that marries up the joy of scouting and unearthing gems like you would in a game like Football Manager with the dynamics of a daily fantasy sports game like FPL, Draft Kings or Fan Duel. The NFT Technology is set to revolutionise the gaming industry and sorare are the pioneers of the digital card collecting and fantasy game play space. All of SoRares cards are OFFICIALLY LICENSED from the clubs, leagues and national teams available, which makes them OFFICIAL merchandise from the clubs themselves. 

 This game is accessible all across the world and is played by football fans in over 100 countries already, being able to mix players from your domestic competition with the good and great of world football is a game play dynamic fans across the world have been waiting to arrive. SoRare will score any card that plays in an OPTA covered competition included in their feed.

The opta feed sorare receive is extensive and includes Bundesliga, La Liga, English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A as well as lesser known territories like MLS, J League, K League, Argentina, Brazil even all the way the the Austrian Bundesliga and the Peruvian League. To be clear, if you own a card from “FC Bayern Munich” and that player transferred to “Millonarios” of Columbia, your FC Bayern card will collect the fantasy points it will score in the Columbian League. This is why the companies strap line and hash tag is “own your game” 

Getting started on sorare always has to start with the football you like to watch, do watch, would like to watch, can watch. Tracking a players progress throughout the season on remotely looking at stats only is fine but real joy and success come (in my experience) from what you have seen / what you already know about football prior to playing sorare. With this in mind, sorare managers with a background playing games like Football Manager, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) & FPL transition into sorare very well due to the transferable knowledge that those outlets offer. 


The evolution of football over the last 2 decades has been astounding, the level of detail on match coverage from all the major broadcasters, the amount of statistics available, the amount of analysts available professionally as well as on social media, heck even the amount of behind the scenes documentaries is exponential at this point. Sport Science and entertainment technology advances have made football an all consuming sport for the arm chair fan and Sorare with their NFTs are the perfect companion to the current and future generation of football fans. 


Back to the cards, like I said already they are on the Ethereum blockchain and use the ERC-20 token standard. Each Player has cards available in 4 Scarcities; Limited cards are gold in colour and have a maximum circulation per season of 1000 cards, Rare cards are Red in colour and have a maximum circulation of 100 cards per season, Super Rare Cards are Blue and have a maximum of 10 issued per player per season, and each player will get a maximum of 1 Unique card. Uniques are black and the most powerful card in the game. Of each of the quota’s detailed above only 50% of that allocation will be sold via public auction on the sorare website (and on occasion for marketing purposes some auctions have happened off platform with a 3rd party), Around 5-10% are held as sign up bonuses (more details here) the remaining 40-45% are held to be distributed through the reward system with the fantasy football game itself on sorare – So5.


Long term ownership of the cards can reap huge benefits in the So5 arena on sorare. Each card (all scarcities) starts at Level 0 out of 20. Match day scores from your so5 submissions gather XP that attribute towards the cards level. Stay with me here, going from level 0-20 will increase every cards XP bonus from 0% through gradual gains to 10% bonus on their score. Each scarcity has a base % bonus score, Limiteds and Rares is 0, Super Rare is 20% and unique is 40%. Each card that is “in season” e.g a 20/21 PSG card is out of season now but the 21/22 cards are “in season” receive a 5% score bonus (all scarcities). For more details on the XP, Divisions and scoring matrix click here. 


This RPG element that the cards offer is primarily available through the NFT technology, without that technology the cards are then in essence no different to any other in-game item you have experienced. You don’t own it, you can’t sell it, it can be deleted/ removed by the host/game. This element further enhances my joy playing this game as it encourages me to stick with players through their different real world career progressions and my loyalty to the individual card i own is rewarded with a greater and greater XP bonus, which can be the difference between finishing above the opposition or not.   


SoRare has been running So5 tournaments with their nft cards since the 18/19 season, premiering with the Belgian Jupiler Pro League. Since then SoRare has had Ubisoft support to help there technology in the entrepreneur support program Ubisoft Labs, has received record breaking amounts of funding in there series B with a notable $680+ million investment from soft bank, also they now count the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee), Alexis O’Hanian, Antoine Griezmann, Gerard Pique, Rio Ferdinand and Oliver Bierhoff amongst there advisors and investors. The company has the vision of onboarding the top 20 leagues in world football, with this goal now being almost fulfilled the narrative from the company has now become “ to be the next sports entertainment giant” and with their backing, innovative tech, connection to the best clubs and leagues in world and of course the funding they have gathered, this is a goal i expect them to achieve and can’t wait to watch them do it while playing the game myself. 

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