Month: April 2022

How Much Is SoRare?

New to So Rare ? This is the most important question every new manager wants an answer to. How much do I need to compete and/or win on SoRare? Unfortunately the answer to that question is an infinitely changing answer, the key factors involved are current circulation, actual real world football ability (a very overlooked …

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Scoring Matrix

Scoring Matrix The Sorare Scoring matrix is ground breaking and, although it has a few kinks to work out, is the first scoring mechanism I have encountered that gives every position on the pitch credible value. I remember watching a youtube video from Tifo talking about the size of the fantasy football space and the …

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How to Play SoRare

How to Play SoRare Let’s start with the basics, the fantasy football game on SoRare is Known as So5 as it is a 5 a side fantasy football game. You select 1x GK, Defender, Midfielder, and Forward. The 5th selection can be any position except GK. The divisions are segmented first of all by card …

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