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This is the most important question every new manager wants an answer to. How much do I need to compete and/or win on SoRare? Unfortunately the answer to that question is an infinitely changing answer, the key factors involved are current circulation, actual real world football ability (a very overlooked and under-stated fact), and in a dimeshing way the price of Ethereum ($ETH).


Limited cards are the cheapest scarcity currently, due to their massive (by comparison) circulation compared to the other cards available. Some of these can be bought for as little as £20 or as much as £3000, see the above for why the variation. 


Good players are always more expensive than poorer players of course, but by virtue of real football dynamics there are less Goalkeepers on each squad and obviously only one can be #1. Goalkeepers have an extra asterix on pricing and scarcity. 


Now before we go any further PATIENCE is the most valuable and under utilized commodity in the market place however, with Rares, Super Rares and Uniques they have much more a time sensitive nature for acquisition due the infrequency in public auctions and a smaller volume on the secondary market. I made this video with my Top 3 Pro Tips to buying cards, you can watch it hereSoRare Tips {Pro Advice}


Everyone who i have ever encountered on sorare has the same #1 objective: claiming your free card. Details on that are here (Link to how to open an account) 


I must stress you have 90 days to do this from sign up, try your utmost to buy a few cards at least in that opening salvo that are appealing for you to play with on So5 or you have some real world connection too, it makes it all the more fun a game and transaction. Buying 5 cards quickly as cheaply as possible in the hope of bagging a fantastic reward is very enticing but the opportunity isn’t unique. Once you have a sorare account you will also have acces to a refer a friend code where you can invite your friends to play and BOTH of you will receive a bonus card once the criteria is met. Note, Once you have done this 30 times SoRare will reward you with a Free Unique, so if you have a vibrant friend group / football group chat / facebook group etc then joining and playing with your friends can be twice as fun! 


The pounds and pennies can literally be anything you see reasonable for a past time or hobby. There is a lot of profitable opportunities onsite but the essence of all of that is the enjoyment of the game and collecting cards. If you don’t enjoy fantasy football or collecting already then you will notice you value cards differently on occasion and that may price you out of a player. I have previously spent £1,000.00 per season on EA Sports FIFA Ultimate team, I also have spent £400 to rent a canoe to go out on the Loch for the weekend, and I often buy physical collectables that range in price from £20-£140. The money you spend in a game should only really be what you can afford for a past time. There is no linear amount you need to play the game, the Casual Division is 100% free to play and finishing at the very top can earn you Rare cards for example. Some people come in and “buy 1 mbappe rare” and then they are all good, they have no interest in So5. 


So… How much do you need? The ever green answer is who do you want to buy? 


Which then leads us to strategy, we all want the greatest players possible, if your “hobby budget” isn’t £XXXX then you cant snap your fingers and get the greatest on day one, but you can build a team that can win you the players you want the most. One of my favourite rewards is this first season Florian Wirtz Rare card.

This absolutely beautiful card was won by me for finishing 2nd in Global U23 Rare in Game Week 112. By finishing second I also won 0.15 $ETH / Ethereum. This is the team that won that card

You will not know 3 of these players is my guess, one player actually didn’t even play and I still finished 2nd. Park Tae-Joon was a card that I had won in a previous game week. I had no real desire to buy Ao Tanaka or Kosei Tani, but both were affordable and eligible in a competition that rewarded prizes I wanted to go and try to win. I hope this example shows where a lot of the fun I have had playing this game has come from, which leads me onto my final point on this topic for you; Trading.


In the team I’ve shown above you will notice Gabriel of Arsenal, being scored in my entry for a match Vs Manchester United in the Premier League, in a Lille jersey. Trading in terms of buying low and selling high is an endeavor many sorare managers undertake and that can be a shortcut to getting more attractive cards into your club. Another way is by holding a card as its career develops, me buying Gabriel at Lille knowing he was a top transfer target across europe can help me get a good player into an elite team which allows him to then produce elite scores for my entries. There is risk with that though, Ao Tanaka shown above was young player of the year in Japan 2 years in a row and was a key part of a Kawasaki Frontale team that utterly dominated their division. He moved on Loan to Fortuna Dusseldorf in 2. Bundesliga which is as of now not a competition covered by sorare. In Case you’re wondering, I still own the Wirtz, Tani, & Tanaka but have sold the rest down to good market opportunities and I have replaced those cards with ones I see as an improvement.


I look forward to seeing more reward day posts on my timeline of people reaching the top of the leader boards, making great trades, deals and having a great time doing it along the way! 

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