How to Play SoRare

Let’s start with the basics, the fantasy football game on SoRare is Known as So5 as it is a 5 a side fantasy football game. You select 1x GK, Defender, Midfielder, and Forward. The 5th selection can be any position except GK. The divisions are segmented first of all by card scarcity then geographical region. You select 1 captain who gathers an extra 20% bonus on their score (division dependent) you can captain any player in your So5 line up. 


The regions are Global (enter anything you want), Global U23 (same as global but has an age restriction), Champion Europe (EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, & Ligue 1), Challenger Europe (every other European domestic competition covered outside of Champion Europe), Champion Asia (asian leagues only), Champion America (MLS, Liga MX, Brasilliero Serie A, Argentinian Premier Division, etc). The rewards you win are directly eligible to be played in that competition so for example, if you win a card in Global U23, they could be from any club but they will be U23 eligible. 


The Divisions are; Casual (Common Only)*, Limited (only limited cards permitted), Rare (only Rare Cards Playable with maximum 1 Common), Rare Pro (minimum 3 Rares with a maximum of 2 Super Rares playable), Super Rare (max 1 Rare, max 1 Unique, Minimum 3 Super rare), and Unique (max 2 Super Rares, Minimum 3 Uniques) 


*Everyone is issued 10+ commons at sign up, these are not NFTs and are untradeable/unsellable and are the cards the platform uses as a free to play introductory experience. TOP TIP: when opening your account select your “favourite teams” as the teams with the best GKs in the game, this increases your chance of receiving a common GK that can become useful to you in the Rare division.

Game weeks run back to back on a continuous basis. If there is 1 card playing from a region then the region is available to play / enter teams. Sorare gameweeks normally START on Tuesday & Friday mornings (GMT). Continental competitions such as UEFA Champions League, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League (CCL), Europa League and even the new UEFA Conference league. International tournaments and qualifiers are also scored on Sorares opta feed, FIFA World Cup (All geographical qualifiers), UEFA Euros, Copa America & UEFA Nations League. International tournaments can only allow cards to score point in the Global & U23 regions, whereas UEFA Champions League cards can be deployed in their Native region as well as global & u23, e.g Ajax playing in champions league can have Ajax cards in the challenger euro competition, while you have FC Bayern cards playing in the UEFA Champions League can be deployed in champion europe. 


All rewards at each scarcity are broken into tiers to ensure the top scores in the game win the best prizes essentially. The tiers go from Tier 3, through Tier 2 & 1, up to Star Tier (or Tier 0). The amount of rewards available, the content of each tier and how many places will receive a reward works on SoRares Dynamic Reward structure and is viewable in the “prize pools” section of the Play Page on  

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