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The Sorare Scoring matrix is ground breaking and, although it has a few kinks to work out, is the first scoring mechanism I have encountered that gives every position on the pitch credible value. I remember watching a youtube video from Tifo talking about the size of the fantasy football space and the evolution required in the scoring most of these games deploy in order to catch up to the modern football fans appetite and exposure to the game. Tifo highlighted what we already know with every other fantasy football platform, it’s all about goals and assists and “water carrier” players are almost a handicap. 


In SoRare the scoring goes from 0-100 on the players in game actions. This score is the sum total of 2 smaller scores, a Decisive Score and an All around score (DA & AA). DA starts at 35 and moves up and down in line with positive and negative decisive actions. Decisive actions are different for each player position but scoring goals etc = good, Red cards and own goals = bad. The AA score starts at 0 and every action a player makes add or subtracts from the AA score. Lets looks at a live example of it in action, here is Max Arnolds Score for VfL Wolfsburg in a 2-0 away win at Bayer Leverkusen

The overview shows he has moved his decisive score from 35 up to 60 by virtue of scoring a goal, when you click into all stats the 5 star rating overview for each category is broken down to reveal his match day actions.


The sum total of an AA score of 21.7 + 60 on the DA score is what produces his 81.7 score out of 100. The Max Arnold card i own is a rare and his NET contribution to my fantasy football entry looks like this

*to find out more details about how card scarcity, XP, and bonuses work click here (link other article) 


I love how this scoring matrix rewards every player in a fair and measurable way. No more are there the “utterly useless” positions on the pitch for this fantasy football game! No more second guessing a tactical buy i may make on a players future promise because hes not a big goal getter or assist maker. The guys that regularly make successful actions are the ones that score well. 




 Forwards that can get AA scores of Over 10 are to be taken seriously.


Midfielders the more “multi purpose” the better, guys like Max Arnold who progress the ball from back to front, take set pieces, and join in the attack are the Apex profile.


Defenders Centre backs tend to score in more consistent and predictable way, full backs can be feast or famine depending on how hotly contested the wide areas of the pitch are in a match, possession lost can absolutely kill a full back in So5. 


Goalkeepers Clean sheets are of course the key metric, but guys who are good shot stoppers, sweeper keeper and have good distribution (even without a clean sheet) can score very well across the board


Thanks to there are a wide array of tools to use to analyze previous scores and it has a breakdown of DA & AA. Here is Lionel Messi’s Graph from SoRare Data showing you his scores over the past year.

For a full breakdown on exactly how many point are earned and lost for each AA action as well as the full list of decisive actions and the scoring allowed in that category can be found here (link:

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